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Futurino offers 700m2 of space including 150m2 terrace and 300m2 playground. Every part of our kindergarten is beautifully decorated with special care for your child's safety and comfort.

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Our kindergarten

is the place where every child will learn in its unique way by following its interests and pushing boundaries. Our space is equipped with most quality modern furniture especially adapted to children needs and it is enriched with different educational accessories like “Montessori”.

Educational programs

Our team consists of nurses educators, graduates master educators, expert associate educators, philologist, speech therapist and external professional associates for dance, ballet, and sports. Along with educators, a pedagogue monitors the development and advancement of each child, there is support in the monitoring and individual work of speech therapists, as well as working in small groups of foreign languages ​​with a philologist. The preschool period in our kindergarten includes educational work which accompanies the stimulation of the child's natural development through educational workshops, project educational topics, focused activities and learning foreign languages ​​- English and German.

Additional activities that are organized in our kindergarten as part of the all-day stay are ballet, dance, and sports for the proper development of each child.

We have our own 60m2 kitchen that houses nutritionally balanced meals for children according to HACCP standards with a separate part for food preparation and an economical part for supply. The children have six meals throughout the day, which in addition to breakfast and lunch include snacks (daily fresh fruit as well as desserts). Meals contain foods that are always fresh and we apply the highest standards of how foods are processed and prepared.